Thirty years ago I made my way to Mason’s Bookshop, a metaphysical book store on Lexington Avenue in New York near Bloomingdales.  Already interested in metaphysics and looking forward to my first astrological reading. I knew that we’re all born with a purpose and life challenges to help guide us to that purpose, and had a sense that there was other work I was meant to do.

Zoltan Mason strongly encouraged me to study astrology that day, as he pointed to relevant planets and signs such as Uranus in my tenth house, saying I’d do well with both “a vocation and an avocation”.  I purchased two books from him and left with many good insights that day, yet felt some angst about the “gloom and doom” stuff, the influence of the planet Saturn, wondering if that was “bad” in my chart.

At the time I was a Pan American “Stewardess”.  Adventure and freedom ranked high on my list, and just slightly below my quest to find love, along with a strong desire to help people. I used my travel opportunities to bring toys and clothing to orphanages abroad. As years passed, I did find love, had a family of my own, worked in the business world and flew for another airline, until that day I pulled out those two books purchased at Mason’s Bookshop and recalled that Zolton said I could overcome  the “gloomy” influences and somehow it was linked to Astrology.  My interest was rekindled; however, it was after I met Steven Forrest and learned the Evolutionary approach, that my love for this art was truly awakened.

Saturn isn’t “bad”, Saturn is  hard. It asks us to work and mature, and rewards us when we do. The planets ask us questions; thereby within the issues of the planet, also lie the solutions.  Evolutionary astrology empowered me to develop a deeper awareness of SELF, become more compassionate, and get clearer as to my path, which has led me to better decisions.  Mysteries from the past can be unraveled and turned around into something that works for you. It’s about identifying your areas of challenge and strength, and seeing how you self-express into the world. At every moment, we have the ability to shift and transcend our focus to create a happier, more satisfying life.  It would be both a pleasure and an honor to work with you.

Sunset at Blue Sky Ranch