8/13/2017 at 10:00 AM Next Love Chart Event


Love, partnership, and the miracle of intimacy, these words can conjure up terror when we’re faced with trusting another human being. The fact is, no one learns very much about relationship by themselves. We can only meet our natural soulmates by connecting with others. From dating and initial attraction, to falling in love, to self-discovery and real intimacy, and in some cases, finishing up karmic business, this interactive two-hour class, will look at the planets, signs, and areas of the birthchart that give you clues and strategies. It will clarify your awareness about what you need from a partner and give you a better understanding of your relationship “style”.

  • If you are currently in love, you can use this class to evolve towards a more nurturing relationship. If you’re single, you’ll get a real sense of what qualities in a partner will best suit you, and be warned about potentially hurtful paths if you get it wrong. It will also encourage you to recognize how a soulmate can support you to face your evolutionary drive to heal.

    *All participants who register at least 48 hours prior to class will receive a personalized written report, based on relevant areas of their individual love chart. *(Please provide your accurate date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth at registration while checking out.)